Searching for Blogs: Horsey or Otherwise

Like any niche industry, when horse enthusiasts get together, their favorite topic of course is talking horse.  There is a never-ending stream of stuff to ruminate over…from horse health, to the latest training technique, to Dobbin’s last bowel movement. The last topic is usually related to colic or the last time you wormed the horse.  Horse folks ALWAYS offer some sort of expertise, whether you want to hear it or not. See what I mean?

This ability to share equine information has crossed over into online “blog-land.”  The horse world loves to blog, is VERY popular and offers in-depth information as well.

When specifically searching for blogs first try using search engines for blogs instead of the usual Bing, Yahoo and Google searchers. Here are a few noteworthy options. (founded as the first blog search engine) is a real-time search engine dedicated to the blogosphere. It only searches through blogs (author’s tags) to find exactly what you’re looking for. Technorati tracks trends and topics on the Web. It’s an easy service to use, returns relatively good results, and offers a lot of good insights into what the Web at large is talking about. is a new service from blogging company SAY Media that helps you discover the best in blogs. You can quickly and easily find blogs by category and topic or read daily blog roundups of some of the best blog content around the Web. Top 10 Lists from celebrity bloggers and influencers also help you discover new blogs, and everyone is invited to create their own Top 10 lists to share with the community. also produces a free weekly email newsletter so you can get the best in blogs delivered to your inbox. is similar to Technorati in that it tracks popular web stuff such as Movies, Video Buzz and Top Posts. It also offers tools like a blog tracker and covers blog trends. There is even an IceSpy tool to find out what other fellow rocketeers are searching for.

Google Blog Search (formally Blogger), further defines a general Google search. You can look at Google Blog Search similarly to Google Trends — it can serve as a barometer of what’s important enough to show up on, too. Do all hot topics on Google Blog Search also show up in universal results? Probably not. Do all topics that show up in universal search also appear on the home page of Google blog search? Probably not. But if you’re looking for the type of blog content and the blog sources that show up in universal search, it seems like the Google Blog Search home page is a good place to start.

If you’re looking for some great horse related blogs, your search ends here. Following are a few of my favorites. “Your Guide to Equine Healthcare” (overseen by a board of the American Association of Equine Veterinarians (AAEP) offers “The Horse Blog Stable,” a series of care related blogs. This is a very good resource for non-emergency horse care.  also offers great care resources but more importantly has information about equine supplements.  Although because of the source, you’ll have read between the lines a bit about the product suggestions.

The Hoofwall discusses farrier/blacksmith concerns, seminars and the latest horse shoeing technology.  Some recent blog titles include…Educational Programs for Farriers, Hammer Time at Bloom Forge, Farrier Talent has a Good Ring To It.

The Chronicle of the Horse blog series are written by Chronicle staff and regular contributors.  They are written about every topic imaginable and the English Disciplines.

Horse Junkies United goal is to provide cool, fun and meaningful content that relates to all amateur riders across English Disciplines.  They want to be the voice of all amateur riders out there! They cover events, have clinic reports, interviews with riders, talk about our horses and what they’re learning along the way…. Anything and everything horsey imaginable all in good fun and with a point of view.

And now for fun… Fugly Horse of the Day offers snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly or abusive training techniques, and pretty much anything else that annoys horse peeps.

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6 thoughts on “Searching for Blogs: Horsey or Otherwise

  1. I think blogs can be great for any niche industry, activity, or anything. And being able to find others who are talking about the same thing you are can be hard. I work with a woman who blogs about crows. She goes for long walks and watches the crows and loves to talk about it. She lives in West Seattle where Amanda Knox is from (the girl accused of killing her roommate in Italy) and wrote in one of her blogs about the paparazzi she encountered on her crow walk. Because she wrote about Amanda she got a bunch more followers who through word of mouth have gotten her other followers who are fascinated with crows, birds and such. Crows are definitely niche and using these blog searches to find others talking about crows could definitely help these folks find eachother.

    • S, Your reply confirms my findings! Yey! Luckily I love crows because we inherited a flock when we bought this house. Very noisy first thing in the morning (ugh) but super smart AND fun to watch. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll search out her blog. Thanks for following the Heard. ko

  2. I enjoyed the flow of your blog, you are quite a good blogger! I have no interest in horses whatsoever but you were able to keep my interest through your writing style and the funny horse pictures. I do have a cousin that is obsessed with horses so I will be sure to show her these sites that you have listed. Good job!

  3. There is a lot of great information here. I especially love the fact that you mentioned so many search engines for blogs. I never knew those existed. I usually just go to google and try to find information through my search, but with blog search engines that should help to get a more refined search than what google can do. I’m sure that your blog is going to be very popular with horse lovers. They are so going to appreciate all the resources you have provided to them.

    • Cheryl,
      This post changed from favorite blogs to finding blogs. I only discovered during the research process, blog search engines existed. Once found out, I felt committed to pass the data along. Thanks for following the Heard. ko

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